My #Plus1 is My Niece Georgia


karen skelton

By Karen Skelton

When I go to vote, my Plus 1 is my niece Georgia Henry. She’s 23, fabulous, and sometimes too busy to think about voting. She’s also moved to midtown, Sacramento and may not know where her voting place is.

I think of her because young people are the pipeline to our future ability to exercise democracy the way it was meant to be—full engagement by diverse people committed to a government that works on behalf of the people. But a lot of times young people are turned off by the negative tone of campaigns, or the belief that their vote doesn’t matter.

I’ve worked on 5 presidential campaigns and have been a field organizer in dozens of states in the United States. I worked on the recount election in Florida after the 2000 presidential vote between Al Gore and George Bush. I know that every vote matters. Each one. So, when I go to vote this November, I am going to invite Georgia to go with me, so she can matter as much at the ballot box as she does in our lives.


Karen Skelton is founder and president of Skelton Strategies, a political and cultural strategy firm based in California. She is an award-winning political strategist, lawyer, and author. For seven years she was the co-executive producer of Maria Shriver’s Women’s Conference and CEO and managing editor of The Shriver Report. She served for a decade as the managing partner of the California practice of the Dewey Square Group, a national public affairs firm. Before that, she was a prosecutor for the U.S. Department of Justice, a political advisor in the Clinton White House, and a staffer for five presidential campaigns.


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