You’re Invited! Who’s Your +1 At the Polls?

Facebook_Banner When I said, “you’re invited” you perked up a bit, didn’t you? PAR-TAY! And then when I said, “who’s your +1 at the polls,” you went back to listlessly refreshing Facebook, or maybe wondering what to have for lunch.

Physically going to the polls isn’t much of a party. And partisan politics? DEFINITELY no party. womenssuffrage Nevertheless, we at the non-partisan EngenderMediaGroup wanted to invite you to think about 2014, and hopefully all elections, in a new way.

Fact: Statehouses across the country have been debating and passing numerous bills directly affecting women. Regardless of which side of the debate you find yourself arguing, it’s imperative you are part of the process — along with your +1. In fact, your +1 may vote entirely opposite from you but what matters is you are both at the polls on election day.

Truth: women vote on their own behalf, but often for someone else as well. Think about how and why YOU vote:

A sibling votes so her disabled brother gets the Social Security checks he needs. A mother votes with her child’s best interests in mind. A woman just graduating from college votes because she is glued to the news of yet another gun shooting, or a piece of glacier falling into the Arctic ocean, or the latest scandal involving a politician she once admired. All of our votes reflect all of our stories. We want to hear them.

So as it gets closer to November, we’re asking you — what’s on your mind and who’s in your heart when you vote? Who’s your +1 at the polls? Tell us, and bring them to vote.